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Movies are packed this holiday season

December 27, 2007

Albany -- If you plan on going to the movies any time soon you may want to get there early. The movie theatres have been packed with people this holiday season.

Movie theater employees say it's normal. And they actually started to see the rush when school let out for the winter break.

The most popular tickets have been movies for kids.

"We got "Alien vs. Predator II", "The Great Debaters" and any children's movie. A lot of parents are taking their children to see the children's movies and that's "Alvin and Chipmunks" right now," said Wynnsong Relief Manager, Roger Howard.

"Since it's after Christmas and we have some of the children home, we just came out today and probably tomorrow and Saturday because we want to see "The Great Debaters" also," said Littla Shylip.

Here is what NBC's Mark Barger has to say about some of the new movies:

Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman team up for a road comedy about buddies trying finish off their to-do lists before cancer finishes them off. 

"The Bucket List" casts Nicholson as a corporate billionaire and Freeman as a working-class mechanic who escape the cancer ward, bound by unfinished business and the need to reconcile their own lives. This one's rated PG-13.

Oscar winners Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker bring their collective talents to bear for "The Great Debaters'. 

It's the true story of a volatile debate team coach, played by Washington, at a small African-American college in the South.  The film follows his team's preparation to go up against Harvard for the national championship in 1935.  "The Great Debaters" is rated PG-13.

The Loch Ness Monster lived the early part of its life in a bathtub. 

That's part of the idea of "The Water Horse," the story of a young boy who discovers a magical egg and finds himself raising a mythical creature known as a water horse. 

The boy and his friend have to protect the creature's secret which eventually becomes a worldwide mystery.  "The Water Horse" is rated PG.

Also opening this week, "Aliens vs Predator: Requiem".


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