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Goodwill sees more donations this time of year

December 27, 2007

Albany -- Its out with the old. " I've donated everything from shoes to jackets, suits, dresses and blouses. Just everything," said Sheilia Edwards.

"Starting the 26th through January 2nd its heavy," said Goodwill Store Manager, Cecilia Rentz. So there is room for the new.

"A lot of it has to do with Christmas, and people are going through the toys and things. Trying to make room for the new stuff, and we appreciate it all," said Rentz.

But this time of year Goodwill will get a major spike in donations.

"Normally at the store there is 30 donations and this time of year there is probably like 50," said Rentz.

The increase can pose a challenge, but they are prepared to take it on.

"No, its never a problem cause we staff to take in the number of donations we get in. From the back door it goes to the pre-sort areas. Than we have processors who process the donations," said Rentz.

Those end of the year donations end up on the sales floor where the money from the clothes will help people find jobs.

"That goes to the career center. People who are looking for jobs can come in free of charge. Update their resumes. You can go online, we have computers," said Rentz.

"I don't believe in throwing something away because if I knew someone could use it than I would give it to them," said Edwards. 

Goodwill uses it to give someone else a hand and maybe a chance to donate their belongings some day too.

Goodwill does not take used mattresses, large appliances, or carpets. But they accept most everything else.

You can find out where you can make your donations here.


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