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Lowndes Co. feels state population increase

December 27, 2007

Valdosta - Georgia's population has grown by 200,000 this year, making it the fastest growing state in the Southeast and fifth in the nation.

"Our state is succeeding because of it's leadership and the way we've thought ahead to attract businesses and compete with the big dogs," says Ruby Riesinger, Economic Development Coordinator for Valdosta.

And the city of Valdosta is feeling that growth.   "All of our biggest economic engines are growing, supporting the population growth and I think we'll see more of that in the future," Riesinger adds.

Businesses, restaurants and retailers are opening their doors in the city, which is good news to those living near by.

"We just opened up a Chili's downtown which is awesome and of course the restaurants coming in aside from the normal southern food is great," Samantha Leschber, who's been living in Valdosta for 15 years.

Tammy Jones adds, "I'm glad they built the Taco Bell, the Harvey's because usually out here you had to go to the mall to get something to eat, so I'm glad they are expanding to here on Bemiss."

New businesses create new jobs that are attracting more people to the community.  "We are trying to encourage people to move here not only to enjoy our high quality of life but support some of the jobs we're bringing in," Riesinger says.

Helping the city towards its goal of becoming one of the premier destinations in Georgia.

The Census Bureau will release county population breakdowns in the spring, which should give better indication of the state and Valdosta's growth.

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