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Oh! That Oprah experience!

December 27, 2007

Cordele --  A Cordele woman thought it was the chance of a lifetime to see Oprah Winfrey in person, when her show came to Macon. 

By writing a letter about being a loyal viewer won her tickets to the show, but her loyalty to Oprah won her more than that and she came back to south Georgia with some of Oprah's favorite things and the memory of a lifetime. 

Sherri Nance took a chance sending Oprah a letter about why she was a loyal viewer.  Nance tapes the show every day, and watches it after she gets home from work at Sumter County Middle School where's she's a counselor.

"If she doesn't pick me, I asked for her to get this book about the legend of the three trees, and she had inspired me by saying something about that 'God can dream a bigger dream than you can imagine,'" Nance said.

Nance dreamed of seeing Oprah's show in person and was overjoyed to learn she won two tickets to see her idol in Macon.

"I just wanted to gawk at her I was just glad for the opportunity. I couldn't believe that we were going to get a chance to go."

She quickly learned this would be a show like no other.

"She says 'you know you all have the hottest ticket in town,' and she said 'not only do you have the hottest ticket in town, you have the hottest ticket in television,' and then I was kind of gasping for air, because everyone was so excited and jumping, and that's when she just burst out 'this is my favorite things show!'."

Like the rest of the crowd, Sherri Nance and her husband screamed and jumped for joy, even though she's seven months pregnant.  Now everyone asks her about the one gift they'd like to have, that fabulous L.G. Refrigerator.  It hasn't arrived yet.

"Not yet, but everybody is asking that, it's just the million dollar question, we won't get that until next year.

Nance got watches, cupcakes, CD's, and clothing, but her favorite gift, Oprah's book of magazine covers.

"The reason why I love it so much is because she autographed it.  Personally, and money can't buy that autograph.  That's something I'll treasure for the rest of my life," said Nance.

Much like the simple experience of getting to see a woman she admires. "One that I'll be able to tell over and over again, that will be with me, that's something not many people get to experience."     

One she'll someday share with her daughter, yet to come. Nance says the best part of getting the new refrigerator is that Oprah will donate her old refrigerator to a family in need.

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