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Georgians gear up for Feb. 5th presidential primaries

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December 27, 2007

Albany--The presidential primary in Georgia for both the democrats and republicans is right around the corner.  On February 5th, voters will have the chance to decide which presidential candidate they want representing their political party.

From Hillary Clinton to Rudolph Giuliani, the list of presidential candidates seems endless.

"There are a lot of good candidates running," says voter, Darrell Humphries.

Currently, there are seven candidates actively seeking the Republican nomination for president.  Eight other candidates are seeking the Democratic nomination for commander in chief.  And in just a few months, Georgia voters will have a chance to decide which candidate they want to see represent his or her political party.

"Obviously, we need some kind of change," says voter, Jamie Williams.   Williams attends Georgia Southern University. On February 5th, he plans to vote for Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

"His plans and everything he's standing for right now, is a lot more than anybody else out there," says Williams.

Other voters, like Maggie McClure, still remain undecided.  "I'm not a staunch Republican and I'm not a staunch Democrat."

But the candidate who gets her vote will be someone who makes senior citizens a priority.  "Somebody that's going to take care of healthcare and insurance for a lot of people that can't afford it."

For other voters, like Darrell Humphries, homeland security is a big factor when electing the next president.  "If a real tragedy were to happen, we've got to have somebody that's strong that can pull us through," says voter, Humphries.

That's why Humphries says he's voting for Republican presidential hopeful Fred Thompson. "He's stern to the point person. And I just think he'd make a great president," he says.

But no matter who you want in the White House, area voters say it's important your voice is heard.

"Just vote for somebody," says Williams.

 "That's our chance to say who we want in office," says McClure.

 "If they don't vote, they're not expressing their viewpoints, and that's very important," says Humphries.

According to the American Research Group, the latest polls show Hillary Clinton as the Democratic front runner for president and Rudolph Giuliani as the Republican front runner for president.

If you have yet to register for this upcoming presidential primaries, the deadline to do so is January 7th.  And remember when you finally head to the polls, don't forget some form of identification, like a driver's license or passport ID.