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Is Chehaw prepared if an animal escapes?

December 26, 2007

Albany - - The San Francisco zoo scare is prompting questions nationwide. How prepared are zookeepers to respond when a dangerous animal escapes? 

Employees at the Parks of Chehaw say their staff goes through special training on responding to an animal escape.

Just last week, they trained on what to do if an animal attacks a staff member or a visitor. Curators there say the California incident is teaching a lesson to zoos everywhere. 

"It serves as a reminder to double check your procedures and we'll probably have a meeting when all the staff are back next week, we'll talk about it, we'll revaluate keep safety in your mind at all times," says Jan Thompson.

She says most animal escapes are the result of a staff member not taking necessary precautions. Thompson adds Chehaw keepers will continue to go through random drills to make sure they are prepared.


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