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Infant burned by space heater

December 26, 2007

Albany -- A two-year old Albany boy suffered second degree burns on his arm when he got too close to a space heater.

 It happened at this home on South McKinley Christmas Eve.  Hassan Burnette was burned when the space heater in the room set his pajamas on fire. The child's mother, Tangie McAllister said "The whole room was on fire. The girl's room where he likes to sleep. Me and Mama went back there. He was just sitting there. He wouldn't move. He was just sitting there letting the fire burn him on his arm."

 Two other children were asleep in the same bedroom,  but they were not hurt. The two-year old will receive treatment at an Atlanta Hospital for children Burn Center Thursday.

Firefighters warn that all space heaters need a safe zone around them of at least three feet to prevent fires.


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