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10 Country Margaret's Perfect Village

December 25, 2007

       Enigma -- Some people hope for snow at Christmas and one person never worries about getting it.  Her special town always gets snow, as sure as people sing Christmas carols in December.

Not many people can say they've built a village out of nothing, but Margaret Stevens can.

"This is my snow village that I build every year for Christmas," says Margaret as her living room holds a huge snow village.

The perfect place to live.

 "No taxes. No hard work. Everyone enjoying life and each other," says Margaret who included a waterfall of pleasant memories. For the past 10 years, Margaret has turned a tragedy into a positive experience.

"It's therapy for us because our baby son started it for us. He bought the first three houses," says Margaret.

An untimely automobile accident claimed his life.

"When I'm building it, I feel like he's right there," says Margaret, pausing to look at her yearly creation.

It takes her about two- and a-half and three-weeks to put it together.

"I start in the far corner with the cross," says Margaret.

 Then she adds house after house, store after store-a nurse by day and city planner by night.

"I'll always be the mayor," says Margaret with a quick laugh. No doubt a talented mayor who keeps the big picture in mind.

"I think it's like angels looking down from heaven," says Margaret.

Margaret has a lot of power, enough power to literally move mountains because she made them out of Styrofoam.

Her village has its own blimp, and sea port with a ship decorated for the holidays, and light house, her favorite item of all, even public transportation, and winter entertainment.

"Every time you look at it you'll see something different," says Margaret.

 Including a different type of manger scene.

 On a near-by table, she created a scene of Bethlehem.

 Most nativity scenes emphasize the manger, but Margaret depicts a broader view with angels that came from a wind chime.

"When I started out, I didn't intend for it to be this big," says Margaret about the display's size.

Its become a mountain of joy for her.

 "Part of the fun to be is building it," says Margaret.

 With the joy coming from creating a model of a perfect world.

  How does she know where everything goes? Margaret takes numerous pictures to know where she placed things the year before.

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