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Day after Christmas is full of returns and exchanges

December 26, 2007

Albany -- Christmas shopping may be over, but the after-Christmas rush has just begun.

"Not quite as intense as the holidays, but we do anticipate having a lot more returns than a normal day. And we set up to do that with staging areas," said Sears Operations Manager, Kelvin Tompkins. 

But before you get to these lines, what will you need?

"In the perfect situation, you will have the original receipt. And in place of that a lot of retailers will have gift receipts. We would like to make sure that all of the tags are still on the product, and that it is still in all of its original packaging unopened," said Tompkins.

And if you don't have one of these things, most merchants are willing to work with you, but it may cost you.

"Our particular policy is that a return without a receipt will be given at the last sale price at the register. And or we will work to exchange it. And if we can't find the product we will give you a gift card for store credit," said Tompkins.

But the policy for electronics is usually tighter. 

"Our policy for all merchandise with the exception of electronics is 90 days. It's 30 days on electronics and its 2 weeks on some of our smaller more intricate electronics," said Tompkins.

But whatever it is you are trying to exchange or return, remember to pack your patience as you brave the crowds.

"We try to be as sensitive as we can to customers who may want to return items they may not particularly want or fit," said Tompkins.

Be sure to also have your drivers license if you plan on making any returns. And be sure to bring every piece of a gift you plan to return that didn't work properly.


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