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Albany family's Christmas stolen

December 25, 2007

Albany - - An Albany family got a major setback this Christmas that almost ruined their holiday. Someone broke into their home Christmas Eve and took off with money, presents, and other valuables. They tried to make the best of an unfortunate situation, a stolen Christmas.

"I don't do nothing to nobody. I don't have any enemies. I don't know why somebody would just do stuff like that," Lisa Davis fights back tears as she explains what happened to her Christmas Eve.

"I cried my heart out. I cried."

She returned to her Oakgrove Estates home after work to find all of her Christmas gifts and personal valuables stripped from her bedroom and living room.

When we arrived, an Albany Police Officer was just leaving, trying to pinpoint the burglar.

"No way they could've come through the windows because if they had come through the windows, they would've had to bust the windows down because all the windows are locked down shut," she said.

Police say whoever it was knew exactly what he was doing. He forced his way into the home with a knife or a screwdriver and got to work.

Davis called her 19 year old daughter.

"She said 'mom stop playing, you're lying.' I said 'no its not, its gone'. I said 'its gone'."

"Its just the fact that you spent all that money into them gifts so they money is gone and times are hard anyway," her daughter Amber French said.

They spent Christmas day trying to put the situation behind them and move forward.

"Christmas isn't all about the gifts. Its about being together with family so you just have to make the best of it," French said.

Though its hard when you work so hard to give to those you love, just to see it taken away.

"All of them were for my family," Davis said.

Neighbors say they saw a man near Davis' home Monday. Their description matches a person Davis is associated with. Albany police are looking into that lead.


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