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House fire leaves family homeless for the holidays

December 22, 2007

Moultrie -- Smoldered holiday lights disappear into a boarded window. The wreath at the front door is covered in molten black ash. And a melted Christmas tree now lays in the front lawn.

"I was hoping it wasn't true. Someone was playing a joke on me. But when I got around the street and saw all the fire trucks and people standing around, I knew it was true," said Dorothy McGee.

Food, melted blinds and blackened toys are among the pile of things left in front of the house. The family was only able to salvage a handful of things from this disaster.

"Everything was gone, but my grandson was safe and my daughters were safe that made me feel better. But I still thought I am 46, and I have to start all over," said McGee.

"Birth certificates, social security cards, pictures, picture albums, beds, sofa chairs and all that stuff got soaked up," said family member, Jamal Lee.

"Coming up to Christmas it was like I don't have anything. I can't do nothing. I have nowhere to go, and what am I suppose to do," said McGee.

But after the Red Cross put her in a motel for two days, others came forward.

"I was worried about where we were going to stay, but a firefighter and his wife, Mr. Lacey and his wife, came forward and paid for us to stay for four more days," said McGee.

"People have been coming by bringing clothes. They brought clothes for my girls, grandson and myself. It shows me a different outlook the way that people stepped up like they did. I didn't know they cared as much."

And now this family of four will spent this holiday season trying to move forward. If you would like to help you can contact Jamal Lee at 229-456-7018.


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