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Car crashes into home and injures girl

December 20, 2007

Bainbridge--  It was before 11:00 a.m. Wednesday morning.  Eleven-year-old Hundria Knight was watching television in her living room when she got the shock of her life.  A car came crashing into her home.

Her family still can't believe it.  Her mom's cousin, Sharon McCants says, "It shocked me just seeing it.  Brick wall, car, you can see.  How you going to go through all that at 35 miles per hour tearing it all up like that?"

Bainbridge Public Safety officer Gary Hines, the responding officer says he's never seen anything like it.  "I was hoping everybody was ok," he says.  Hines says 85-year-old Walter Rambeau who lives across the street from Knight was the one driving the car. "He has arthritis on one side of his body. He has trouble getting the car into drive and when he got it into drive he lost control of it," Hines explains.

He sped through the fence and into the living room where Knight was. "She was terrified," says Hines.  Relatives say the couch where the girl was is at the back of the room. They say its fortunate or the results could have been a lot worse.  "Its a blessing she wasn't hurt," says McCants.  An ambulance took the girl to the hospital. She was treated and released. "She had glass all in her foot and up in her neck," McCants explains.

Rambeau is charged with improper starting of a vehicle. He was not injured.  Public Safety Officers say he may have to be re-tested in order to keep his driver's license.



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