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Holiday mailing deadline fast approaching

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December 20, 2007

Albany--Time is running out to get those Christmas packages mailed out on time.  If you have yet to mail anything, but need to, it's going to soon cost you more money.

Today is the last day to mail packages by first class or priority mail.  That means if you mail anything out today, it should get to its destination by or before Christmas.

However, if you continue to procrastinate, you still have until December 22 to send your Christmas packages by express mail.

It'll just cost you a lot more money, but express mail guarantees next-day and second-day delivery nationwide or your money back.

Postal workers here in Albany say they have been working around the clock to make sure your cards and packages arrive just in time for Christmas.

"We will be delivering on Christmas day, that is for obvious Christmas parcels, priority, and express mail," says Albany postmaster, Ron Bradley.

"We anticipate the volume. We hired about 13,000 people additionally nationwide. We have additional transportation that runs," says Susan Plonkley with the U.S. Postal Service.

If you are mailing out packages over the next few days, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

First, make sure you remove batteries from electronics because they could accidently turn on, prompting postal workers to open and inspect the package.

Second, don't tie packages with string because that could also lead to shipping problems. 

Finally, you might want to also place a backup tag inside each package that specifies both the shipping and return address, in case the outer label gets damaged.

Also, if you want to avoid long lines, postal workers suggest using their automated postal center inside the post office.

The post office expects to deliver about 20 billion cards, letters, and packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas.