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Mail carriers survive the busiest day of the year

December 19, 2007

Albany -- Just six days before Christmas many of us are busy taking care of holiday chores. But Wednesday the busiest person you know may be your mailman.

It was the post office's busiest delivery day of the year. The Postal Service delivered an estimated 1.7 billion pieces of mail.

With no extra mail carriers hired in Albany they had to think outside the boxes they delivered to be just as efficient.

"They are coming in at about the same time. The primary changes are in our transportation coming in. We got extra tractor trailers coming in, and extra tractor trailers coming out. We'll have to balance the work load. A lot of times we get unexpected shipments coming in, and we just have to react accordingly and be a little creative sometimes," said Postmaster, Ron Bradley.

Postal workers recommend using priority mail and then moving to express mail after Friday to ensure packages make it by Christmas day.


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