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New addition to Ocilla

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December 19, 2007

Ocilla--  In an up and down economy, there's one thing that will remain a constant necessity-- food.  A supermarket chain with South Georgia roots is helping to fulfill that need and Wednesday they branched out even further.   

This isn't what you're used to. It's a whole new world at Harvey's.  "I love it," said Joyce Jackson.

It's new but Joyce Jackson already has an overflowing cart. "Yes, and I'm not through," said Joyce.

This is Harvey's history being made in Irwin County. "It's an exciting day for us," said Director of Operations Jimmy Purvis.

The supermarket chain started small many years ago. "Harvey's started in the 20's in a woman's home," said Brand Manager Lisa Smith.

Since then, they've grown into dozens of stores in Georgia, Florida and North Carolina. So what better place than the small town of Ocilla to branch out with a new look and feel. "Brand new logo, new color scheme, new design," said Smith.

This is store number 70. But this is more than just another grand opening. This is something the town has been asking for, something bigger and better and a boost to the economy with more than 50 new jobs.

"For the last two or three years, the organization has been looking for a format that would help us support our smaller communities and so after years of research and several teams of experts working on a plan, this is what you've got," said Purvis.

What you've got is another option for the people who live here. "As far as Ocilla goes, there aren't many restaurants around so we're a good added addition to the community," said Director of Delis and Bakeries Michael Duncan.

Joyce Jackson agrees. "I was waiting for this day," said Joyce.

She still isn't finished filling her cart. "Rice, sugar, grapes, and you notice the meat is on the bottom," said Joyce.

She's thankful for a place to do it.

Harvey's plans to branch out even further next year with the opening of another store in Americus.