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Executives "locked up" for good cause

December 19, 2007

Thomasville-- Members of the Thomasville community were arrested and booked. Their sentence: one hour.  "We're just asking them to donate one hour of their time," says Crystal Lee, District Director for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  

During the hour they're "locked up" the jailbirds make phone calls to friends, family and business associates; whoever they can get to help them raise money.  "Since its one of our core programs it does bring the largest amount of donations towards neuromuscular diseases," Lee says. 

Thomasville fire chief Bryan Croft says he was happy to be locked up.  "Its the time of year you need to give so if you can't give one hour of your time to help these kids, what can you give?" says Croft.

Each jailbird's bail is set at $2600 . They can begin raising the money ahead of time, but the hour they're locked up is where the real action happens, and the most good is done.  "I know most of our jailbirds can raise their bail at $2600 and that's like 4 kids to camp, so just one hour can do that much," says Lee. 

Croft says he's going to raise his bail money, no matter what it takes.  "If I don't do it today, I should do it in a couple days. That's my goal to get it," Croft says.  And to get out of jail knowing they did a lot of good for some deserving kids. 

The event raised $44,000 for MDA.

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