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Third graders help Tifton Soup Kitchen

December 19, 2007

Albany--A south Georgia soup kitchen struggling to stay open is getting some much needed help from some caring children.

A month ago, we first told you how the Tifton Soup Kitchen had to reduce its hours due to lack of funding.  Since our story first aired, the kitchen has been flooded with food donations.

And on Thursday, third graders attending Annie Belle Clark Primary School did their part to also help out the soup kitchen.

They may be little, but their hearts are big.

"We want to do anything we can to help the people who don't have as much as we have," says third grader, Mason Manning.

Manning is one of thirty-five third graders who's helping the Tifton Soup Kitchen feed those less fortunate.

"Christmas is also about giving," says Manning.

"We have everything that we want.  And all the other people really don't have anything to eat. Their Christmas present would be to get a meal," Hannah Helwig.

Students like Helwig did more than just fix plates of food for the hungry.  She along with fellow classmates also spent several weeks collecting food supplies the kitchen desperately needed.

"I hope that it really helps the soup kitchen a lot," she says.

In the end, they collected and delivered over eleven boxes.  "Lots of cake mixes. Lots of muffin mixes, sugar, and flour," says Susan Nimmo.

Nimmo organized this special field trip to teach her students its much better to give than it is to receive.  "We did have our Christmas lists out and it was a lot of 'I want, I want, I want.' So I thought let's turn the tables and experience the other side," says Nimmo.

And for that, soup kitchen director, Betty Willis, is grateful.  "It just makes me feel so good that the kids are concerned about their neighbors," says Willis.

Not only did these students learn an important lesson in community service, but they say they've also learned a few other things:

"Not to be so greedy and have to have everything that I want and be nice to people that don't have as much as I do," says Helwig.

You can still donate to the food kitchen.  You can reach them at 229-382-8438.  Or you can send your donations to the following address:  Tifton Soup Kitchen, P.O. Box 2203, Tifton, GA, 31793.



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