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Albany church work to feed hundreds

December 14, 2007

Dougherty County -- It all starts by taping up the bottom of an old cardboard box.

"For 13 years, we have chosen this time of year to do what we call feed the hungry," said First Apostolic Church Pastor, Betty Jackson.

"We receive donations, contributions from various stores, various people. Some personal some private companies. And they just supply us with the various food items and we bring them here."

That box gets handed off and can by can, bag by bag, it is filled. "We have flour. We have can goods. We have cookies. You name it we probably got it," said Jackson.

Saturday morning that box will go to the hands of a Southwest Georgia family. "I feel so happy. I love God's people and I just love to serve them," said church member, Lillie Thomas. 

A task that has taken many hours and people to complete.

"If you are talking about getting all the food together, approximately two to three weeks. For some of the things, we have to put it into cold storage, but we have had people simply volunteer," said Jackson. "Somebody else's help, all things are possible to those who believe."

But this arduous task is nothing to those involved. "We just feel there is a need for it in the city and we are just glad to do it," said Jackson. "It feels good, but its not just a feeling it is a product of the gospel."

A product that will help feed hundreds who might have otherwise gone another day hungry.


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