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Cairo hosts championship game for the first time

December 14, 2007

Cairo--  All is quiet for now at West Thomas stadium at Cairo High School.  But tomorrow 10,000 people will fill up the stadium, extra bleachers, and standing room only.  "Its humbling, and its super to know this is the only show in town on Saturday. We've got a great fanbase," says Principal Tim Helms.  Faculty, staff, students, parents and business owners: you name it, this town is excited. 

"Everybody's excited, the whole community is really wrapped up in it," says Rick McCaskill, President of the Chamber of Commerce.  With so many set to be in the area, what does that mean for the local economy?  "I've been asked that question and I don't know.  I can only say, its going to be huge," says McCaskill.

Kelly Hawthorne works at Strands Hair Salon on Broad Street.  She adds, "Food, places to stay. I think everybody will benefit in a very good way."   Downtown shopkeepers are expecting a big crowd Saturday.  As happy as they are for the boost it will bring, they're just as excited to show support for their hometown team.  "Its a very big deal in Cairo. Everybody loves football. We've supported them from day one and we're just glad that they got this far," Hawthorne says. 

And while its Cairo's first time to host the state championship game, the team has been there before: winning the title in 1946 and 1990. "They've won every one they've been in and we're hoping we can make it the trifecta tomorrow at 3:00 p.m.," says Helms.  Win or lose, one thing's for sure, this town loves their team.

There will be a few extra tickets for sale Saturday at the game. Gates open at 1:00 p.m. and school administrators say you better get their early to have a chance at one.




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