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Bob Alexander hangs up his hat, sort of

December 14, 2007

Albany - Do you remember a time when there was gridlock traffic in Albany? Traffic backed up on both sides of the Oglethorpe Bridge for a mile in either direction? Bob Alexander can.

That's just one of the major problems the city faced when he started working as a city traffic engineer nearly 40-years ago. He helped ease some of that congestion and was part of the team that installed one of the first computerized traffic signals in the nation.

As he now retires, he remembers the progress the city has made. "We put in one way streets and we built the bypass and Oakridge drive and then the mall came in and that attracted traffic that way, so we were able to solve the problem," he said.

Although Alexander is retiring from the city of Albany, he's not ready to hang up his hat. He starts a new job with Lee County as director of planning and engineering in January.



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