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Thousands in damages at Albany Auto Auction

December 13, 2007

Albany -- Surveillance video shows two thieves use a jeep and a pick up truck to ram a Ford Van over and over again.

 South Georgia Auto Auction owners used that van to block the gate to their car lot.   The thieves used their own cars to move it, so they could then steal two cars. Owner Danny Acord said "it will be somewhere between 20 and 25 thousand dollars worth of damages."

Police Investigators look over the scene Thursday morning, looking for clues among the four damaged vehicles used in the burglary.

The lot, just off the bypass near Procter and Gamble, is surrounded by an electric fence, concrete barriers, and surveillance cameras. Acord said "we spend several thousands of dollars every month to prevent this, and even with all that, it still seems to be a never ending battle."

The thieves hid in a car during an auction that brought several hundred car dealers to the lot last night. When the owners left about 11:30, the thieves sprang to action.

 The only way out of the lot is through that electrified gate, blocked by the van. So they use the truck and jeep to ram the van over and over until it is out of the way. Then the truck backs up and crashes through the fence. The thief runs back in, jumps in a 2001 Honda, and drives out. Soon his accomplice follows in another Honda.

 Acord thinks the thieves did all this, just for a joyride.  Acord said "they will be found sitting in the middle of a road, when they run out of gas. They will get out of them and leave them."

Someone called Police during the theft, and the surveillance video shows Police arriving just 40 seconds after the thieves drove out.

Some of the damaged cars and trucks will be total losses.  Thousands of dollars lost by this small business because of crime.

Acord says the thieves probably were neighborhood teens, but could have been one of his employees. He'll increase his security again to try to prevent crime and may even hire a guard to stay in his car lot all night.  


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