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Drunk speeder totals new, parked car

December 13, 2007

Albany - A Dawson man says he's ready to take back his neighborhood from speeders. There's not much left of Ken Claybough's brand new Toyota Scion.

A few nights ago, he woke up to a crashing boom outside his house. A drunk driver speeding up 7th Avenue slammed into his car that was parked in front of his house and totalled it. Claybough and some neighbors signed petitions asking for stop signs in the area, but it hasn't worked.

He said, "What happened to my car could happen to anybody's car. If there had been a child standing in the sidewalk, they would have been dead. If I had been in the car, I would be in the hospital or dead.  Is it going to take somebody being killed on 7th Avenue to have some action taken?"

The city council meets Thursday night.

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