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Elaborate light display comes to life with music

December 12, 2007

Worth County -- In the distance off an old Worth County road, you can see flashes from Christmas lights.

"I do it because Jesus is the answer for the season. I wanted to entertain people, and this is the best way to do it. And as you can see people are lined up to see it. And it just my favorite time of year," said Ron Johnson.

This the third year that Johnson has put on this elaborate display. "It took four weeks this year, and it took six people and a lot of work," said Johnson. "It"s 96 circuits and 50,000 lights."

These lights are all digitally choreographed to holiday songs transmitted right from his lawn. " I love to see those children out there," said Johnson.

"Its an awesome display. It's a good show," said Samantha Germany. 

"Its really cool how they have the music to go with it," said Dustin Dougherty.

And its not just all for show. "We are trying to raise money for Liberty House to raise money for battered woman and children," said Johnson.

"Last year we raised a lot of money. This year we are already up to 350 to 360 dollars at last count, but we are still taking donations," said Johnson.

So the light of Christmas won't just burn bright from his holiday lights, but also in the hearts of the woman and children he helps.

Johnson also puts together an elaborate haunted forest during Halloween. The home is on Story Road off Camp Osborne Road in West Worth County.

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