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Clean Cities pushes alternative fuels for South Georgia

December 12, 2007

Tifton -- A national push to develop alternative energy sources kicked off in South Georgia Wednesday. The South Georgia Division of the Clean Cities Coalition wants businesses and people to use more alternative energy sources.

The coalition showed off some clean alternative fuels that South Georgians can use now. Georgia Clean Cities Director Charise Stephens shows off the propane powered pickup truck she drove to Tifton from Atlanta. Stephens said "we see a lot of potential here in South Georgia."

Propane and natural gas are just one of the clean burning fuels that Georgia Clean Cities is proposing to reduce petroleum consumption. They say agricultural waste could be the answer to the energy shortage. Stephens said "everything from waste timber. That could be a money stream for Georgia. Our farm land. We are the Chicken Capital of the World, and we could use that chicken fat to make bio-diesel."

Desmond Stewart of Wind Gap farms in Baconton shows off his truck powered by ethanol, made from the yeast waste after brewing beer at the Miller Brewery. Stewart said "it was a disposal problem for the breweries before. It was being dumped. And now it's being used for gasoline running vehicles."

Georgia Clean Cities is advancing using Georgia agricultural products to develop energy sources, and grow the economy.  Agriculture Innovation Center Director Bill Boone said " create new jobs, and we also from a strategic perspective become more and more self sufficient in our transportation fuel needs."

These fuel blends and the electric cars shown at the Clean Cities kickoff are also more environmentally friendly. The Clean Cities Coalition is urging South Georgia to grow alternative energy sources, and use them.

Georgia Clean Cities is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, and reports their programs saved 375 million gallons of gasoline in 2006.


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