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Hudson Malone Towers dry-out could take 3 days

December 12, 2007

Albany-  It will be Friday before nearly half of Hudson Malone Tower residents can move back into their apartments.

ServePro is using fans and dehumidifiers to dry out the west side of the building. Interior walls were saturated when the sprinkler system activated Monday because of a fire in apartment 517. All east side residents are back in there apartments Wednesday. Five people are still in motel rooms and today they got into the towers to get some of their things.

"We did a walk through this morning and found that in most cases, their personal belongings and furniture is okay because of the way the water came down in the walls and the floor and didn't really come down through the ceilings and get on top of things," said Dan McCarthy, Albany Housing Authority Director.

Most of the items in residential apartments is expected to be salvageable. The American Red Cross says many people have made donations to help out displaced residents.



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