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Coco the jumping cat is okay!

December 12, 2007

Albany - A cat that jumped five stories from that burning building is getting some much needed treatment for free. Coco climbed out onto a 5th floor window ledge during a fire at the Hudson Malone Towers

When a firefighter reached out to rescue him, Coco apparently jumped. He landed on concrete five stories below, then bounced onto another ledge and then took off. Fortunately, he's okay.  Dr. Cindy Greene said, "When he came in he was very distressed. Breathing heavily, drooling, very upset. No broken bones, no hernias, no problems that we could find other than just his pads were skinned up."

"I was just overjoyed that they were going to take care of my Coco, because he's just like my child. He's just like my child," said Sylvia Lockett who has owned Coco for 12 years.  He's been with her the entire time she's lived in the Towers.

Spelts and Masters is treating Coco for free. He'll be going home with Sylvia as soon as her apartment is ready, which may be a while since there was a lot of smoke and water damage to her unit.



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