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Should city establish Stormwater Utility?

December 11, 2007

Albany - Just as you pay a utility fee for water, electricity and trash pick-up, you may soon pay a fee for storm water management.

Albany city commissioners have approved establishing an advisory committee to determine whether to implement a storm water utility. The average homeowner would pay about $4 a month for the service. That money would help keep the storm drainage system up to date and help prevent problems like flooding. Ron Feldner with Integrated Science and Engineering said, "Any actions that the city can take to better manage the quality of the water being discharged to the river or the quality that's being discharged is obviously going to be a benefit to the watershed."

If a storm management utility were established, it would be about two years before the first bill was issued. Freed up tax dollars could then be used to pay for separation of combined sewer systems.



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