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Commission denies alcohol license to nightclub

December 11, 2007

Cairo-- It was around 1:30 in the morning November 23,  when William King was shot and killed outside the Zodiac nightclub.  This week the owner, Albert Smith spoke with commissioners. "The owner came before the commission because he wanted to explain what happened that night. That unfortunate incident where a man lost his life."

The shooting came as a shock to some but Sheriff Harry Young says with the club's history, it was no surprise.  He says, "In the last 11 months, there have been 8 incidents where shots were fired."  The sheriff says his deputies risk their lives responding to incidents at the Zodiac.   "They're worried about going out, they're not protected. They don't have enough manpower, they don't have enoug firepower," says Young 

After the shooting death, the club was inspected and shut down for several violations.  "Come to find out he was selling beer without a county license. He was selling food without a proper license, without the proper anything," Renaud explains.   

Deputies also found drugs in the building. Smith told commissioners he has bouncers confiscate them when they're discovered.  "Those things are illegal and the proper response is to contact the authorities. They should be arrested and removed," says Renaud.  In a 3-2 vote, commissioners decided to deny an alcohol license for 2008.

Young says, "I don't think it should be open.  Unless they want to run a clean establishment, that's there business. But its my business to protect the people of Grady county." And he says the Zodiac remaining closed may be the only way to do that. 

 Eugene Thomas, the man suspected of shooting William King on Thanksgiving is still behind bars in the Grady county jail as the Sheriff's office continues to investigate.




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