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ASU Police officers protect and serve

ASU PD Chief Roberson Brown ASU PD Chief Roberson Brown

December 11, 2007

Albany--  Albany State's police chief says if you need a safe refuge, his territory is the place. The ASU campus is protected by a group of dedicated crime fighters. On Tuesday, that force just got stronger with the addition of three officers.  

Meet one of the veteran faces of Albany State University's Police Department.

"Becoming a policeman was certainly something different," said Corporal George Barnum.

Something different is what Corporal George Barnum sees everyday. He's the eyes and ears of a total of 500 yards around campus. "Pretty much a little community within itself," said Barnum.

In this little community surrounded by Radium Springs Road and Oglethorpe Boulevard, there's not a dull moment. Corporal Barnum works traffic. "What we focus on is speeding," said Barnum.

Cars go as fast as 80 miles per hour. Just last week, there were four arrests. Officers found everything from drugs to a gun inside vehicles.

"People used to say that this was just campus police. They don't have arrest powers. But our officers are certified. They have the same arrest powers as APD or the County or the Sheriff," said Chief Roberson Brown.

Brown says the school campus has the potential for danger just like anywhere else. "As we saw at Virginia Tech and other universities around the world," said Brown.

That's why Brown along with 18 sworn officers and several security officers patrol campus on four shifts. Security measures are in place, even down to technology with cameras. "Our goal is prevention. That's the first priority," said Brown.

ASU PD takes their jobs very seriously to protect those they serve. "I rest assured that 24/7, 365 we're here patrolling this campus to make sure that every faculty member, staff and students are safe," said Brown.

It's all in day's work for Barnum. "Everybody playing their role and playing their part," said Barnum.

It's to make sure that things on this important side of the city remain what they consider to be the safest.    



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