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10 Country: Sue's dependable gift

December 11, 2007

Chula -- As sure as church congregations sing Christmas songs during December, you'll find Sue Sirmans helping out.

"Christmas is my favorite time. It's a time to be happy."

Happy that she knows just about every Christmas song ever written. "Probably thousands."

And a favorite one. "Silent Night. It's soothing and calm.

Christmas causes her to feel a little disappointed. "We only have one month to sing Christmas carols."

A long time ago, she had a very influential person in her musical life. "My mother sold eggs so that I could take piano lessons. She stuck with me and I stuck with this."

Faithfulness handed down from mother to daughter. "Yes"

She plays at morning and night services at her church, rarely missing a Sunday, as dependable as wreaths and red poinsettias. "Fifty-six plus years. I started in 1949 when the church pianist married and moved away."

Sue was 15 at the time, and quite emotionally settled. "This is where I belong."

Playing solely for her home church for more than a half-century. When she started she was too young to drive herself to the services.

What's the key to her unheard of dedication? "It brings me joy."

The joy of playing the piano during a joyous time of year, sharing her musical gift from Christmas-to-Christmas


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