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Lowndes County inmate, Tampa fugitive attempts suicide

December 10, 2007

Lowndes County - Timothy Blackwelder was scheduled to make his first appearance in court today. But officers say shortly after he was taken to the Lowndes County Jail, he tried to kill himself.

"We had him in a cell down in our medical unit where he had nothing in his cell but a lavatory on the wall but he found a way to tear his jumpsuit and use parts of it to hang himself from the vents in the ceiling," says Captain JD Yeager of the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office.

Blackwelder was arrested in Lowndes County Saturday night.

Police say he shot and killed George Anthony Stewart Jr in Tampa Friday night before driving off with Stewart's estranged wife, Brittani in her dodge caravan.

Lowndes County deputies were alerted and that's when they spotted the van at a truck stop near Hahira.  "Luckily he went into the store there at the truck stop allowing our officers to take him into custody at the store," Yeager adds.

Blackwelder is being now treated.  Stewart was sent back Tampa.  "Our investigators are interviewing Brittani Stewart and trying to ascertain the exact circumstances that she left with the suspect in this case," says Corporal Jared Douds of the Tampa Police Department.

We obtained a copy of a restraining order filed last month by Brittani against Blackwelder. Police say the two had an on again off again relationship for nearly two decades.

When her family was told via the phone that Blackwelder had attempted suicide, one replied "please tell me he succeeded."

Investigators say Blackwelder's court appearance will be rescheduled for later this week.

Then he will be sent back to Florida where he will be charged with murder and aggravated burglary.

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