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Blind woman "sees" Ray Charles

December 7, 2007

Albany - An Albany woman who never met Ray Charles, reached out to him Friday and connected with him in a way most of us never will. Balerie Walker is blind.

Friday, she was the first person to truly get to see the miniature version of Ray Charles also unveiled at the plaza. It was made specifically for the blind and young to get to experience the statue up close and personal. Walker says although she never met Charles.  She now feels as though she got to know him. 

When asked "What did you think about being the first person to touch this likeness of Ray?"  She said, "It's unbelievable, unbelievable. Getting better and better by the minute and I'm honored. I truly am."

A special plaque, just for the visually impaired, will also be on the miniature version of Charles written in brail. Balerie Walker, the blind woman you just saw there, is an employee out at the Marine Corps Logistics Base.

Although she admits she has no musical talent, like Ray Charles, she does have another talent, once she hears your voice, she'll never forget it. You'll get a chance to get to know Balerie a little better later this month in a special report.



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