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Jobs: What's Hot & What's Not

December 6, 2007

Albany - - Looking for a job isn't easy. Our area's job market took a hit this year with several plant closings and major layoffs. But there are some segments of the economy that are rapidly growing. Jobs you can get if you have the right skills. 

Keyondria Conner knows what she wants but doesn't know where to start.

"It is kind of hard because you don't know whose hiring and who is," she says.

Looking for work can be a job in itself.

Kelly Services Temp Agency helps people like her.

"We can test for their vocabulary, their spelling, their data entry skills," says Deborah Jones.

They help match job seekers with a company that fits their skills. 

According to the U.S. Department of Labor,  medical assistants and physician assistants are the some of the fastest growing jobs.

But, careers as store clerks, cashiers, and telemarketers are seeing more people leave those jobs. 

Jobs in office services also fall on this national list of declining careers, but in South Georgia it's a different story.

"We've seen a huge increase in the office services area," Jones says.

One thing to note though, gone are the days of finding a job without special training or skills.

"Some of these companies now are requiring a little more education."

Something Conner is keeping in mind as she continues her job of looking for one.

"I've been doing retail for quite some time so I don't want to go back to that," she said.

But the options are plentiful. 

Kelly Services say in South Georgia, there's an increase in jobs that require mechanical training and technical skills. Here are links to the top 30 fastest growing and top 30 largest declining careers.


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