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Albany crash kills Shellman woman

December 6, 2007

Albany -- A South Georgia woman was killed in a freak accident at an Albany Burger King that also injured her 4-year old daughter and her twin sister. The three were walking into the restaurant about 11:45 Thursday morning, when they were suddenly cut down.

 Police say an elderly man parked at the drive thru window suddenly accelerated, striking the three, before finally crashing within feet of a busy highway. He says the vehicle's accelerator got stuck.

Dozens of Police and Investigators surrounded the Albany Burger King, shortly after the crash. The body of a woman covered by a sheet in the driveway near the door, as dozens of people looked on. The 1999 Chevrolet Silverado that struck her was in a drainage ditch close to U.S. 19.

Bob Kellie was driving by when the crash happened, and he said it was very loud. Bob Kellie said "I was headed back toward town, and I heard a big racket. And I said another wreck. I looked off to the side, and I said Good Lord, somebody ran off in the ditch."

 79-year-old Raymond Williams of Smithville was driving that truck, parked at the drive thru window. Burger King employees waiting on him said he was acting strangely when his truck suddenly sped forward.

The iron fencing between the drive thru and the front door sidewalk is smashed where the truck ran over it, and three people. Albany Police Department Media Manager Phyllis Banks said "for some reason he accelerated, and as he accelerated he hit the three victims."

 Williams told Investigators that when he started his truck at the window, his accelerator stuck. He says he turned into the building, but still hit the three.

Terri Barrett was coming into the Burger King just as the crash happened. Barrett said "just total chaos. Everybody was running out of the building. They were letting them out of the parking lot. There was a truck in the ditch."

 Barrett said she was stunned, but knew immediately how serious the crash was.  Barrett said "and I could see a dead body. She was bleeding from the head. A female."

30 year old Judith Eubanks of Shellman was killed instantly. Her four year daughter Emily and Eubanks twin sister, 30 year old Julie Todd were injured.

 Witnesses say Todd grabbed the four year old and saved her.  Todd reportedly suffered a serious foot injury, but witnesses say the child was not seriously injured because of Todd's help.

The driver, was treated by EMS but was not seriously injured. Police say charges against Williams are pending their investigation.

Grief counselors were brought in for the Burger King employees.  That restaurant reopened hours later.


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