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Possible senior tax relief, school tax worries

December 5, 2007

Albany--  Dougherty County seniors fighting for a tax break may soon get results.

In recent weeks, many taxpayers including a lot of retirees, filled meetings to demand tax relief. Wednesday night, the Dougherty County School Finance Committee agreed to look into possibilities that could include a credit or a dollar shield amount on their homes.

School leaders will study the financial impact and how the changes have affected other school districts. If they like what they see, they'll pass a resolution to request help from state lawmakers.

In the meantime, school officials are worried about a delay in collecting property taxes. The drawn out revaluation process pushed back the property tax deadline a month so the school system will get its money later than usual.

Finance Director Robert Lloyd worries the delay will affect the system's cash flow over the holidays. "It could affect us repaying the tax anticipation note because we're relying on those monies coming in to repay that tax anticipation note," said Lloyd.

If the money doesn't come in on time, the school system worked out a back-up plan with their bankers.  They hope they won't have to use it.

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