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Flu shots still available

December 5, 2007

Albany - Fewer people are showing up at health departments to get flu shots this year. That's because they are available at so many other places.

District Health Director Dr. Jacqueline Grant says health departments in our region have seen a 10% to 20% drop off in the number of patients coming in for flu vaccines, but that doesn't mean they aren't getting vaccinated.

"Doctors offices, there are some pharmacies, drug stores, some grocery stores that are doing it. Some churches and other non-profits are giving flu shots. Because of the wide-spread availability, people just aren't flocking to the health department to get their flu shots," said Grant.

Fortunately there has not been an outbreak of flu this season, only sporadic cases in South Georgia. It's not too late to get your flu vaccine. Flu season typically peaks in February and runs through early March.

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