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Drought hits Sod Farms hard

December 5, 2007

Albany - Business is a bust for sod farms in South Georgia. At Iron Oak Turf Farms in Worth County, half the workforce is laid off because business is down 50%. One big reason is the drought.

Most of Iron Oak's customers are in metro Atlanta where its pointless to sod because of the watering ban. Normally there are about a dozen workers in December to help with harvesting, but six workers have been laid off.

"We definitely need Atlanta to get plenty of rain. That would help us probably the most. The housing market decline has also affected us as well, even in the construction side of commercial sites is down because of the water restrictions, so we definitely need more rain," said Farm Manager Jerry Moore.

If you're looking to sod your yard, you might want a more drought-resistant grass, like Celebration Bermuda.

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