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No "Made In China" toys at Albany Goodwill

December 5, 2007

Albany - If it's made in China, it won't be sold at the Goodwill Store in Albany. It may seem extreme, but employees say they don't want to take any chances on toys. Like Santa, they're checking their recall list twice, and just for safety, if a donated toy has "Made In China" printed on the back, it's destroyed.

It's a tedious and time consuming process. "So we have to do this all day long. We have to read and throw," said LaWanda Johnson. Throw away recalled toys, that could be a danger to your children.

"We have a safety recall list we have printed up everyday and we look on our list and try if we notice any toys that we have in here that may be recalled," said Khadeja Boone.

Goodwill relies on donations of everything they sell in their stores, including toys, but just because it's free doesn't mean it's wanted. "We don't want any of our customers here, the children, to be effected by the lead," Boone said.

Lead or choking hazards. Hundreds of toys are on the list and hundreds are thrown out here every week... even ones that may not have made the list yet. "Nothing from China," said LaWanda Johnson. "We throw it all in the trash. Nothing from China."

If it's "Made in China", it's got a specially made place in this trash bin. "That's where a lot of it comes from, the toys," said Boone, "China."

Unfortunately, not every parent who donates toys is quite as careful about checking the products they give away. "I think a lot of the parents aren't 100% sure if they are on the recalled list, so they just bring them in," said store manager Cecilia Rentz.

But those toys aren't making it to the shelves and out the door. Workers here won't take the risk, and parents just aren't buying toys right now. "The toys that we do get in are not a great percentage of sales" said Rentz. "The aisles are kind of empty where the toys are because of recalls."

But Goodwill doesn't want you to call off your giving. "We appreciate all of our donations but we encourage them not to donate anything that's on the recall list." Taking a lesson from Santa, and the workers here, by checking it twice.  



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