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Lee County Christmas Tree Farm

December 4, 2007

Lee County -- A South Georgia Christmas tree farm is doing better than ever this season, despite damage from severe weather that swept through his property earlier this year.

Back in April, a storm damaged several buildings and blew over hundreds of trees at the Busy Elves Christmas tree farm in Lee County.

Joedy Putnal, the owner, says quick work helped him save most of those trees, and he says sales are up this year.

He promises you'll be able to find a quality tree for your home. 

"I get the premium trees.  And I've built a good business on that, as well as on what I grow.  This goes back to a dream I've always had.  So I'm just blessed to have that dream fulfilled," Putnal said.

The Busy Elves Christmas tree farm is located on U.S. 82 not far from Sasser, and will be open until Christmas Day.

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