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Rims stolen, returned within hours

December 4, 2007

Albany--  An Albany business owner credits the quick work of Albany Police and a recycling company for the return of his stolen property.

Conny Turner owns Turner's Garage on South McKinley. About 3:30 Tuesday morning, thieves climbed over a barbed wire fence and stole six sets of rims. Neighbors reported seeing a vehicle make several trips to and from the garage.

Turner had a feeling the thieves would try to sell the rims at recycling companies.  He was right. Triple-A Recycling alerted police when the crooks showed up and APD quickly moved in.

"It's good that I got it back but it's greater that we have some criminals that won't be on the street tonight. I feel better that way. It's safer," said Turner.

21-year olds Joshua Morris and Terrell Latham are both in custody and charged with theft by taking. Police are looking for a third suspect whose street name is "Flawless."

Turner says the aluminum rims are worth about $2,500. The thieves could have gotten about $500 by selling them.

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