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Could you survive without Internet?

December 4, 2007

Albany-  Are you lost without the Internet? Many of us found out last night when AT&T Internet service went out in nine states.

For some, it meant showing up at school without homework. For others, bills didn't get paid and Christmas shopping didn't get done.

Angela Kearbey has finals at Darton College this week for her on-line Physical Science two class. Today's she's trying to catch up on lost studying after losing time last night when her AT&T Internet service went off-line.

"You don't get that one on one in the classroom so it's very important to be able to access the Internet to be able to see examples of how problems are worked out," said Angela Kearbey.

She's not the only one who's on-line dependent. It's how Rana Russell pays her bills.

"It's easier for me to pay my bills because I don't have to stay stocked up on checks all the time and send those in via mail," said Russell.

It offers Steve Campbell a way to keep up to date with medical research for his private counseling practice.

"I do a lot of research on the Internet regarding professional things. I like to look at medical stuff on the Internet. I like to keep up with things in the mental health field," said Steven Campbell, a Private Counselor.

We've become so addicted to being online to keep up with shopping, friends, bills, and more that Phoebe Putney got requests from patients recovering and have now added on-line access in patient rooms for a fee.

"Computers can make your life extremely easy or extremely hard if they're not working," said Kearbey.

"I don't know what I would do without it," said Russell.

"I'd be lost without it," said Campbell.

Which makes it that much harder to cope, when it's not at our fingertips. AT&T's service was back on-line at 11:00 p.m. last night.



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