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Suspected robber quickly caught

December 4, 2007

Tifton -- A bank in the heart of downtown Tifton is robbed in broad daylight by two men, one wearing a Spiderman mask.

It happened around 9:30 at the Bank of America on the corner of First and Commerce Streets. Two armed men entered the bank, one watched the doors while the other jumped the counter and pulled out a pillow case, demanding tellers fill the bag.

The two escaped in a red Blazer, which a sheriff's investigator spotted and chased to an address on North College Street. The men fled, but police later arrested 46-year-old Leon Bernard Spikes of Ashburn, at ABAC.

Store owners near the bank were shocked. "Everybody knows everybody, it's just a shock for the whole community to have something like this happen," says Mark McLean of the Medicine Man's Corner.

Police and the FBI are talking with several witnesses to see if anyone can identify the second suspect. Police have recovered some of the money and other evidence.

Tifton Police are also sharing their information with Turner County Sheriff's Investigators who had a robbery two weeks ago at the Colony Bank to see if the robberies are linked.


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