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Vandals target Worth tractor dealership

December 4, 2007

Worth County--A Worth County man needs your help bringing some vandals to justice.  On November 24th, someone fired multiple gunshots into the walls and windows of his business and damaged several tractors in the process.  So far no has been arrested for the crime.

Mike Hunt has been in the tractor business for nearly thirty years.  In that time, he's never once had any problems with vandalism, that is until recently.

Hunt, owner of Southern Tractor Sales, says the vandalism was an unwelcome holiday surprise that happened boldly in broad daylight.

"I heard gun fire, and I came back later that afternoon and saw the bullet holes," he says.

The damage to his office window was the first thing that grabbed Hunt's attention. "At first I thought someone was target practicing and missed. But then I got to looking, there's another hole, and there's another hole, and a mark where a bullet hit and didn't penetrate," he says.

But the damage didn't stop there.  "Then I turned around I saw that they shot up two tractors too, so I knew then that someone had shot intentially to hit my place of business," he says.

Clearly puzzled and upset, "Maybe they had fun. It wasn't very fun for us," he says.

He now has two questions: Who did it and why?  "I think someone drove down Highway 82 and said, 'hey, watch this.' I don't honestly believe that the person that shot this place up even knows my name," he says.

Hunt estimates the damage to his property to be around several thousand dollars--money he'll have to pay out of his own pocket.  "We thought we had insurance on these tractors, of course, the deductible is so high, we've got to pay all of this out of our pocket. It'll cost us three or four thousand dollars for this little incident for no reason," he says.

And the Worth County Sheriff's Office hasn't been able to provide many answers either. "They came out looked at it, got my name, got my address, and filed a report," he says.

But Hunt says he's determined to get these vandals behind bars.  "If somebody knows who did it, and they contact me or the Worth County Sheriff's Office, there is a reward offered," he says.

Hunt says he's willing to pay $500 to anyone who has information leading to an arrest in the shooting.  All you have to do is contact him at Southern Tractor Sales. The number is 777-3710. You can also call the Worth County Sheriff's Office at 776-8211.



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