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Moultrie woman held hostage, murdered

December 3, 2007

Moultrie-  A Moultrie woman was shot execution style after being held at gunpoint with her six children inside her Moultrie home. Her ex-boyfriend is now charged with her murder.

Police say Vicky Ann McBurrows and her ex-boyfriend Xavier Barber were arguing over her new boyfriend. McBurrows' family described Barber as a violent man who was charged in October with 14 counts of dog fighting and animal cruelty. Now they say he gunned McBurrows down in her own backyard.

It was at Xavier Barber's home in October where Moultrie Police found 14 dogs bloody and fought. Last night it was a different fight, an argument that escalated between Barber and mother of his two year old, Vicky Ann McBorrows.

"He forced her and her child whom she had with her, I don't know the child's name or age at this particular time, to walk back from First Avenue Southwest to her residence," said Officer Dave Underwood, Moultrie Police.

At McBurrows' Apartment, Barber barricaded the doors and held McBurrows and her six children ages 10, 9, 5, four year old twins, and the two year old at gunpoint. Vicky Ann's sister, Marlina, says she got a phone call last night about 8:45 p.m. saying that Vicky Ann and her six kids were inside the house and Xavier Barber had shown up with a gun. She asked her sister to call police.

"At some point during the incident a loud knock came at the back door, with that knock, Ms. McBurrows runs to the back door to see who it is and uses that as an opportunity to escape from the apartment," said UNderwood.

Barber was just steps behind her as she ran. That when neighbors say, the silence was broken.

"I heard one gun shot," said Jessica Boyd, a neighbor.

At close range and with friends and family watching in horror Barber fired, then ran. Neighbors also came running.

"I came back through the front door and I looked at the side of the house and I saw the girl lying there, dead," said Boyd.

Police were on their way, but given a wrong address. They arrived minutes after the shooting and tracked Barber down at his home where he surrendered and later confessed.

"It could have turned into something really bad with him in that house and just thankful that he cooperated he complied," said Underwood.

Now Barber's in jail awaiting court proceedings on dog fighting charges and now charged with murder, cruelty to children, kidnapping, false imprisonment and burglary and aggravated assault.

This is Moultrie's fifth homicide this year. One more than the city had last year.



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