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Crime hurting Albany Used Car business owner

December 3, 2007

Albany -- An Albany car lot owner is at his wit's end because of burglars and vandals.

Uncle Robert's Used Cars on West Oglethorpe has been hit about 25 times this year, twice in the last two weekends.

Danny McDonald says crime is ruining his used car business. Sunday morning someone tried to steal this pick up truck off his Uncle Robert's Used Car lot, smashing the window, then cutting into the steering column and the ignition wires.

They could not get the truck started to steal it, but they did about five thousand dollars damage, about what the truck is worth.

Uncle Robert's Used Car owner Danny McDonald said "I'd say it's just about totaled."

McDonald had just recovered two cars stolen off his lot last week.  This Impala has hundreds of dollars of body damage, and the radio stolen.

 McDonald said "just about every weekend. It goes on just about every weekend. And sooner or later the city has got to put a stop to it."

McDonald already has surveillance cameras, locked gates and fences. Their guard dog was s hot and killed. So now he stays late and rides by at all hours to check on his business, but still the thieves keep coming. Still McDonald says he will not move.

McDonald said "we've been here for 15 years. This is a good location, but it has it's hazards with people breaking in and stealing cars."

So McDonald says he will keep staying at his Used Car lot after hours, trying to keep thieves from stealing his business.

McDonald said Police have patrolled the used car lots on West Oglethorpe more often, but it has not slowed down the thefts.

He says judges need to issue tougher sentences against the crooks Police catch.



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