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Family mourns loss of young boy

December 3, 2007

Thomasville --  A young boy was killed in a tragic accident in the parking lot of a Thomasville RV park, and the driver who hit him is charged with DUI. The 6-year-old was playing in the parking lot Sunday afternoon when he was run over by a pickup truck.

The City of Roses RV park is a quiet place to live, where neighbors know each other. They frequently saw six-year-old Cameron Russell playing outside. But Sunday, a driver didn't see him.  "It appears the vehicle was cutting through the RV park, didn't see the child," said Thomas County Sheriff's Investigator David Godwin. "Child was out playing, and struck the child."

Russell died at a Tallahassee hospital. The driver, 46-year-old Tracy Mezatastra was arrested.  "She's been arrested and charged with DUI pending test results. Blood samples have been sent to the crime lab. Once we get them back, we'll know further," said Godwin.

Monday, relatives gathered at the Russell home to remember Cameron. "He was always smiling. He was always smiling," said the boy's Grandfather, Ronald M. Russell, Sr.

"He's so sweet. Anyone could fall in love with him," said Cousin Kayla Butts.

Other family members who didn't want to talk on camera say they want the driver punished. Investigators say they hope everyone will take a lesson from this tragic accident. 

"Pay attention to their children, especially small children that run around and play," Godwin said.

Especially in mobile home parks, RV parks, parking lots. Small children love to run so you need to keep an eye on them. Investigators add all drivers should be extra cautious in areas like these especially on the weekends and holidays, when kids are likely to be out playing.

Family members say they'll always remember Cameron's outgoing personality. "That's something I'll cherish everyday, because you don't think a six-year-old is going to be gone tomorrow," Butts said.

And pray others will never have to go through what they are now. The driver in could also be charged with Vehicular Homicide pending the results of the blood test.


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