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Holiday travel could make you a victim of medicine mix-up

December 3, 2007

Albany -- When you get sick, you get medicine.

Though this is a pretty universal process; the places you can get your medicines don't all do the things the same way.

"You have different cultures at different pharmacies. You have different attitudes," said Gary Phillips of Phillips Pharmacy.

Most people an have established a relationship with a pharmacist. One they trust will give them what they need no matter the physical or mental ailment.

" Make sure that they understand and I understand that what the doctor is prescribing for them is the correct medication," said Phillips.

But what if you need medicine when you 're out of town.

"Some pharmacists are willing to go the extra mile and will make sure that a patient has indeed been taking a medication that they have been taking all along," said Phillips.

It's best that you leave prepared. Have a list of every medication including its dosage that you are currently taking.

Include instructions of how you take them as well. It's a good idea to list any allergies you may have to certain medications as well.

Also have your doctor's number and insurance card ready.

And if anything seems off it's best to ask the pharmacist.

"If it looks different ask them if it's a new generic company. Is it the same thing? Never be quiet about that because you don't want to be taking something that is not meant for you," said Phillips.

Because a mistake with your medication could greatly compromise your health.


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