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Family devastated after Motel 6 shooting

December 1, 2007

Albany -- Shots fired at an East Albany Motel 6 on Thursday night drastically changed the lives of one family.

"Its just never going to be the same," said Jeffery's mother, Teresa Trapp.

"This is devastating and the way that he was gone," said Jeffery's sister, Nichole Leobler

Albany Police say that 27-year-old Jeffery Brandon Todd was killed defending himself during an attempted robbery.

His mother said that in a previous conversation Todd said was uneasy about the area.

"He obviously had a bad feeling about the area, but he was a big boy and wasn't afraid. And he just wasn't the type," said Trapp.

Jeffery was preparing for an interview for a promotion with Georgia Power that night. "He called me at 8:44 and said mama will you call and give me a wake up call at 7:30 that morning," said Trapp.

"We were waiting on his call on Friday to see if he got the job," said Leobler.

The family continues to question why Todd was targeted.

"I am sure he was well dressed because he always looked nice. I don't know if they saw him going to his room and thought he would be a good target. I don't know," said Leobler.

Regardless of the reason, they are left to pick up the pieces. "They do not know what they took away from us. He was just very loved and we'll never be the same," said Trapp. 

"They need to know that they took so many lives when they took Brandon's. They took the life away from all his family," said Leobler.

And now the holidays for this family will be spent mourning.

Albany Police have arrested three teens in connection with this case.


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