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Hot air balloon helps raise money for cancer patient

November 30, 2007

Thomasville-- Its been 4 months since 4 year old Brayden Harrell was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  After 7 weeks of radiation, meeting Brayden, you'd never know he was sick.  "Through this whole process he's been able to be a typical little boy. And that's helped us out a lot because he's been active," says his mom, Roseanne Harrell.

Despite Brayden's energetic spirit, his parents know his rare form of cancer is aggressive, and the prognosis is poor. "Anytime you hear your child is sick. Especially to learn that they have a brain tumor. It turns your world upside down," Roseanne says.

She says says opportunities like a trip to Disney World and going to Braves games are helping Brayden live his life to the fullest.  "They took us down on the field one afternoon and he got to meet the players and get a lot of autographs."

Locally, the Harrells former realtors wanted to help too.  "RE/MAX has always been involved as a sponsor for Children's Miracle Network, so working with kids is already something that RE/MAX does," says Wendell Carr, Director of Marketing for RE/MAX of Thomasville.

They brought their famous hot air balloon to Thomasville, we'll let Brayden tell you how it works "It goes like this. Then it brings you back down. Brings you back up, brings you back down."  RE/MAX provided rides to raise money for the Harrells in the next leg of their journey. "We're fixing to go to Maryland to the National Cancer Institute. So that we'll help us in our travels," Roseanne says. 

But Brayden's mom says she hopes it will do much more than that.  She wants other parents to take away precious knowledge from Brayden's story.  "What we've learned through this is we're not promised tomorrow. That all of our children are God's children, and they're on loan to us. And I just want everyone to realize how special they're children are and to love them because we never know when they can be taken away from us."

RE/MAX raised $1100 with their event. If you'd like to help the Harrell family, contact the Family Bank in Pelham.



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