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Hodges complaint partly dismissed

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November 30, 2007

Albany-  Part of an ethics complaint filed against Dougherty District Attorney Ken Hodges has been dismissed.

The complaint was filed in 2006 questioning a $14,000 campaign loan Hodges made to himself. That matter has been resolved, but after Hodges voluntarily turned over all his records, the State Ethics Commission found a discrepancy of more than $10,000. He and his treasurer Dana Ashberry are still working to clear up the confusion.

"The forms that you actually fill out had no place to report loans. My treasurer, reported it as an expenditure, to which the commission took issue. My treasurer actually had numerous conversations with the directors of the commission, said District Attorney Ken Hodges.

Hodges says as a result of the mistakes, forms for election finances have been changed. Hodges will be back in Atlanta next month in hopes of resolving the entire complaint.

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